No one follows me around asking to borrow claws or what not Cover Image
No one follows me around asking to borrow claws or what not
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No one follows me around asking to borrow claws or what not has not posted anything yet
  • Start date 21-Oct-2020 - 04:00
  • End date 31-Oct-2020 - 04:00
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  • As it has been brought to a lot of people's attention over the past month or so, freeplay, very simply stinks. Mainly due the the large number of suck and robots running a muck, making actually playing near hopeless. I was freeplay two decades ago, and I spent nearly 2 years playing that, and it was nothing like what goes on today. It pretty much boils down to one big change: free trade.

    But in all honesty, does freeplay need free trade? Argue with me if you prefer, but freeplayers will always be the lower one on the totem pole. Consider the benefits of removing free commerce to freeplayers: Less bots are ruining actual playing. Even though some may refer to it as classic, getting tricked will be less of a problem, and newer players are less prone to fall for it.You can download this and open it into Windows Paint (or comparable program) and manipulate it on your computer. Printing it off in your pc, cutting the squares, and manipulating them is just another alternative (I did this because I'm a little old-fashioned grandma:-LRB-, it was simpler for me to picture it like that ). Bear in mind, you can have more than one of most rooms, which means you might need to cut and paste (or print) more duplicates of a few rooms to find the desired effect.

    I am only level 50 structure and don't have a dungeon yet. If I've made a mistake in the position of the doors to the dungeon two door rooms, please notify me. I was not sure if the doorways were adjacent or across from one another. For instance, this is the layout I came out with for the first & second floors of my house:

    I wished to represent all the Chapels. I realize this just leaves me 4 rooms to get a Dungeon (when I ever desire one), but I am simply not interested in creating a dungeon. Maybe I'll change my mind , but this is precisely what I invision for my RS"dream house" right now. Please note that as I am only level 50 Construction, some of those rooms aren't assembled yet. Just my vision of this future. At this time I have 21 rooms, such as my first portal room I simply constructed today.

    Evolution In Runescape?

    During my RS career I've been able to have a great deal of unique items. The best way to seem in-game, I think, greatly affects how folks treat you. For instance, once I wore complete 3rd age at around level 110, I drew a great deal of children asking how I made money etc.. I simply wear a very nubby ugly outfit (Mith chain, studded chaps, gold ammy, etc), And that I admitt, I love it! No one follows me around asking to borrow claws or what not.

    If you want to know more, please click